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Smart Kit Bumpers Protection with WINCH Defender 110

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Smart Kit Bumpers Protection with WINCH Defender 110.
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Smart Kit Bumpers Protection with WINCH Defender 110


One of a kind, the new Modular Equipe 4×4 Bumper opens a new way to trim your Defender. Its versatility makes it suitable to satisfy any need: you can use it to work, gathering with friends, trip with clubs, more or less challenging travels and Trial or Extreme Race.

The Defender and its versatility have inspired the development of this bumper, a unique accessory for many purpose. Every trim that can be carried on an Off-Road tend to be specific for just one purpose and often we are content of which has been realized. Now the choise of the bumper will be easier.

The Equipe 4×4 Modular Bumper is slimmer than the old Tubolar Bumper; given it’s construction in boxed sheets, results in less protruding but more roomy, where you can install big sized Winch like the new Warn Zeon.

Is composed by a universal central part prepared for Winch fixing, an Anti-Corrosion cover, a pair of Ends and a pair of Swivel Recovery Hook. On the inside, in a protect position you can find some Brackets to house two pair of supplemental lights (optional), while on the upper surface of the 2 Ends there are 2 usefull anodized aluminum non-slip plates, used like steps to have access on the Luggage Rack.

If your necessity is to have a robust and functional Bumper but you don’t want to install the Winch, the more suitable version for you is the BOX one completely closed by an hatch, covering a space to put a Strop and Hooks for towing or any kind of useful accessory to have on hand. If in future you realize that the Winch is a Major component for the equipment of the vehicle, it will be sufficient remove the door, remove the sustain brackets and substitute all with the mounting structure for the roller fairlead: here it is, in a few minutes and with modest financial commitment, your bumper will turn into a Winch carrier. With a dedicated module you can also install the vertical Warn 8274 winch too.

The Central Aluminum Cover is available in 2 different treatment and color with powdercoat varnish:

– Embossed Black
– Anodized Silver


Hardy and comfortable Treeslider, with just one component you will have three major uses:

Footboard: to use like a handy walkable floor to work on the Luggage Rack to rearrange of the tent -usually it requires some effort, especially on raised vehicles- to fix the Luggage without necessarily get on the roof rack, or simply to facilitate getting into the car.

Treeslide: the solid structure is capable to keep away possibily obstacles that may be damage the body of your Defender. Its characteristic elusive and tapered shape allows the “slip” on obstacles you might encounter along the route off-road, often very narrow and not very easy.

Sill: come into contact with rocks, protruding roots or very pronounced bumps of earth or rock is a very common occurrence in an off-road path. A very exposed and delicate point is located just below the doors: a blow to this area may in fact cause serious damage to the bodywork and doors themselves, risking to block the opening and subsequent imprisonment in the vehicle. Some sills, not strong enough or poorly designed, are sometimes causes to door lock, because they do not collapse but fold against them, thus causing more serious damage.

By building on the wealth of experience accumulated over time, in particular through extreme races where each component is put to the test, we have designed this specific sills for Defender, structuring it in such a way as to support without collapse at least 150 kg, the equivalent of two people. Sideways its wedge shape allows to safely withstand the weight of the vehicle, discharging the forces in solids joints to the frame, while in support of the lower part which comes into contact with the obstacle, it will deform, but leaving the upper part complete and keeping unchanged its shape, thus avoiding colliding with the car door.

To facilitate the draining of the sludge collected from the vehicle or from the shoes after walking in the mud, in the upper part there are large holes surrounded with aluminum plates, specially designed to increase the grip and make the surface less slippery.

On the sides there are some holes to allow the vehicle lifting with a “Jack”.


A new design for Defender 110 bumperettes, they differ from the usual tubolar bumperrettes for his squared form and from his less cumbersome profile, the boxed structure makes them more hardy protecting properly the rear corners and lights of the Defender 110. As a mark of quality, every component has a built-in stainless Tag in the structure. To install there is no need for any modification.

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Weight 88 kg